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Rare early 19th century pink silk corselet bodice ca.1810


Code: SKU1971

This is a very rare and charming pink figured silk laced bodice dating to about 1810. It is probably French.

The front has tiny button holes beautifully worked and would have had silk laces, which have perished long ago.

There are bust gussets, shoulder straps, and the back is nicely shaped with curving panels.

The bodice is lined all round with cream cotton.

These charming little bodices were worn over the fine white muslin dresses of the day and laced tightly at the front under the bust to meet with the high waisted dress.

The condition is excellent, and apart from the missing laces is excellent. Lacing can be applied again using fine silk ribbon or cord.

Measurements: Depth at back 7". Across base 12". Across shoulders 14"

Please note, the pink is, in reality darker than the photos show.