6639 A fine early Victorian ship's decanter

6639 A fine early Victorian ship's decanter

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This is a highly satisfactory decanter.  Being broad based, and with its proportions, it can safely be called a ship's decanter as it also qualifies with its weight -  nearly 2 Kg. (a little over 4 lbs.) - see my article on ship's decanters -and how relevant a remark that is.  The body is slice or panel-cut with ten sides, the spire stopper is similarly decorated, but with six sides and the base is star-cut.  It is also a large decanter, but not quite a magnum - but almost; a full bottle of wine (75 cl.) would bring its level to the widest diameter, so there is plenty of space for the wine to breathe.

The decanter is in excellent, unrestored condition and is very fit for purpose. 

English c.1840- 60, 11.7", 29.7 cm. high