The most Charming Mallorquin bed in the house on the rock

Thursday 7th December 2017 at 16:13

Location for today - Deia - Sierra De Traumontana - Mallorca

We are at this wonderful house situated on or should I say attched to the Mountain.

Great Light and very quirky it is no surprise to hear that this house was once occupied by one of the local Artisans and Artists that the villafe seems to be full of.  Very Liberal, Very Bohemian and such a positive energy that flows down through the Torrents and Valley that all lesd down to Cale Deia.  Some say its an Ancient Place of Worship or Sacred Ground, we have heard it being reffered to.  Very Old tiny village that is fully prtotected from the Mountains that people say are full of Iron Ore that Enrgises our soul.  The warm air floats up from the cale where the skinny dippers brave the autumn temps, but the feel of the place the Locals, The Hippy/Hijo's, The Cool Artists Artisans and BohoFolk simply make this place one of the most welcoming places on the Globe.

The Bed that hear Lies- To wake up with the Sun peeking over the Mountain energising our souls is a mighty fine place to be.

The subject today is a truly amazing Spanish 19th Century Bed, of what look like  Cherry Wood, with some amazing Mallorquin Canopies, Cushions (New Eider Down Feather Filled Liners) made with Antique and Vintage Soller Ticking, & Fabrics.

Thanks Again for the use of the space. H x

We are really in  love with the Village, the People we have met are all so kind and cool and makes this place truly special the kinda place that can give you ghoosebumps as you approach.

We cant be missed with our big hound dog and numeros/humouros children, xxx