Summer's over - back to work!

Sunday 1st September 2019 at 15:38



Nothing I say here is meant to be taken seriously – they’re just random musings on life and work.  
After a long summer break - I’ve re-located the workshop again and picked up my paintbrushes, about time really!    

Being more ‘restorers’ than ‘dealers’ these days it seems, motivating myself is the problem I face, being, in truth, pathologically idle. We do have lots of ‘raw’ stock in store just waiting patiently for attention which is quite a good thing as good stuff is becoming very difficult to find now.

The old ‘repaint’ problem is beginning to bother me more now – should you repaint or not? Its true many pieces have been ruined in the name of ‘French grey’ over the last ten years so perhaps it’s a bit late for me to worry!

I’d like to bring in stronger colours and bolder patterns if repainting is necessary but that’s perhaps stepping away from the original ethos of painted pine furniture and into ‘folk art’ Discuss….

For now though – there will be the usual stuff available in the next couple of weeks…promise..