Relaxing Home Spray - 120ml  4 fl.oz

Relaxing Home Spray - 120ml 4 fl.oz

Code: 052002


W: 4.5cm (1.8")H: 16cm (6.3")D: 4.5cm (1.8")


RELAXING HOME SPRAY - A veil of comforting softness to instantly induce relaxation and relief.

Inspired by ancestral recipes from one of the first Provençal herbalists, the Durance Aromathology Collection combines the benefits of plants with those essential oils. These secrets of long ago are revealed in recipes containing 5 plant extracts and 3 essential oils to create a harmonious blend of 8 beneficial ingedients.

Contains 3 Soothing essential oils Lavender, Sweet Orange, Geranium Bourbon and 5 Relaxing plant extracts Mistletoe, Hawthorn, Orange tree leaves, poppy flowers and Valerian leaves.

Comforting gentleness for your home.

120ml 4fl.oz

Made in France