Caurnie Soaperie - Spearmint Soap - 3 x bars (approx total 350g)

Caurnie Soaperie - Spearmint Soap - 3 x bars (approx total 350g)


£10.00 for three bars

Spearmint soap - 3 bars for £10 - cut fresh from the post (made in long rectangular bars called posts). Comes in a brown paper envelope. Total weight approx 350g

Hero ingredient: Spearmint, fresh, cool, clear, uplifting

Production: Cold process, double saponified, making a cloudy translucent natural soap that is gentle on the skin's natural mantle. All plants and flowers are grown in their organic garden. For over 100 years they've been making a favourite with people who suffer from psoriasis, eczemas or sensitive skin.

The time tested methods Caurnie use allow decades of customer experience to be beneficial to Caurnies range and the products are known to be unique. Pure soap made since the first days is still sought after by Multiple Chemical Sufferers  MCS and it has been associated with beneficial long term use  by MCS sufferers on  terrestrial television.

Caurnie Soaperie: Fourth generation soap makers, established in 1922. Visit the factory with its now century old machine on Tuesdays 10am - 2pm in Canal Street, Kirkinlintoch, Glasgow, Scotland.

Testimonials from Caurnie Soaperie:

"I'm the youngest of three generations who've used Caurnie soap. My Grandmother, who had lovely skin all her long life, was the first and she initially bought it in 1925, my Mother who used it right through her life and now myself. As my Mother had life-long psoriasis and I have had life-long eczema a gentle, pure soap has been extremely important to us. What a blessing Caurnie Soaperie and its lovely products has been to the three generations." Diana Chapman, Northamptonshire

 “My mother was 91 when she died. She had the most beautiful skin and always used Caurnie soap.” Lady at Farmers’ Market, Fort Shopping Centre, Glasgow

“I was on Radio Scotland telling people of the way Caurnie nettle soap had a great, positive effect on my husband’s skin. He suffers from psoriasis.” Sandra, Glasgow

“It was a good day when we went to Largs on holiday in 2009. We came across your soap man at the Farmers’ Market. We discussed our ward’s skin condition and how we and our GP were dealing with it. You suggested nettle soap and gave us a slice. When we got home, he tried it and it worked. It worked so well, we stopped using the medicated soap from the GP. We therefore ordered the mega pack of 24 bars of nettle soap and have never looked back.” Mrs P. Elford, Norfolk