Red Cedar Balls

Red Cedar Balls

Code: 445000


W: 9cm (3.5")H: 2.5cm (1")D: 6cm (2.4")


RED CEDAR BALLS - Care, Fragrance and moth protection for your favourite clothing. 

Use cedar wood products to deter moths from your clothing. You can protect clothing from the oils in the cedar by placing them on a piece of paper. Most commonly used in a drawer.

When the scent begins to fade use a light grade sand paper to revive the scent. 

Size of each ball: 2.2 x 2.2 x 2.2 cm

10 balls per pack.  

Made in Germany 

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*Biocide notice: Natural, biological agents to fight moths and other pests fall under biocide guidelines according to an EU directive and must be labelled with warnings