Diffuser - Daisy 100ml 3.3 fl.oz

Diffuser - Daisy 100ml 3.3 fl.oz

Code: 045096


W: 7.6cm (3")H: 22.2cm (8.7")D: 7.6cm (3")


DAISY DIFFUSER - Refined and elegant, this Scented Bouquet will keep your home constantly perfumed with balanced and delicate notes. Classically arranged in a glass bottle, the natural rattan sticks absorb the perfume and then release it gradually over several weeks.

Perfume your home with the scent of daisies and create a light, airy and floral ambience. Combining soft and powdery notes with a slight touch of Grenet honey.

Dimensions are boxed 

Dimensions of glass bottle excluding rattan sticks: 7.5 x 7.5 x 6.5cm

100ml 3.3 fl.oz

Made in France