Kaweco Classic Sport Clutch Push Pencil - Broad 3.2mm lead

Kaweco Classic Sport Clutch Push Pencil - Broad 3.2mm lead

Code: 10001152


L: 10.5cm (4.1")


Gold signature logo.

In 1911 the Kaweco Sport was created, a pen that still impresses with its extraordinary lightweight octagonal design. Since then it has become a true classic.

In addition to ink-based writing instruments, the series offers a clutch pencil with high-quality mechanics. The clutch pencils are characterized by a velvety soft writing feel and a high level of drawing comfort. They are perfect for sketching ideas and drawing. The comparatively broad lead can be used for dynamic strokes and varying widths can be drawn, depending on angle and pressure. The series is completed by a mechanical push action pencil with a 0.7 mm line width.

The wide ABS injection moulded plastic barrel protects the lead from cracking. 

The line width of the lead is 3.2 mm with a hardness grade of 5B. We also offer suitable refills and a sharpener so the drawing and writing fun never stops. 

Also available in other colours, for a chrome logo see Skyline Sport range.

Weight: 12g

Made in Heidelberg, Germany since 1833