Under The Pine Tree candle - 180g

Under The Pine Tree candle - 180g

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W: 7.4cm (2.9")H: 8.8cm (3.5")D: 7.4cm (2.9")

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Under The Pine Tree candle - 180g

100% Natural waxes enriched with beeswax with 100% cotton wick.

Perfectly encapsulates the smell of an old fashioned needle drop christmas tree.

40 Hours average burning time.

Light and burn the candle for a minimum of 1 hour away from draughts to ensure scent is dispersed and the surface to melt thereby allowing an even burn all the way down.

Made in France.


Warning: Keep the naked flame away from combustible and flammable materials (such as curtains, fabrics, furniture and clothing). Do not place on a hot surface or a surface that can absorb heat. Never leave a lit candle unattended. Do not move a lit candle or when the wax is liquified. Never burn candles near a wall, in draughts or near a radiator.