Small Plaques Range - P60 - P90

Small Plaques Range - P60 - P90

Code: P60


W: 18cmH: 7cmD: 1cm

NamePriceQuantity to Order
61 One prosecco, two prosecco, three prosecco floor! £2.00
62 Prosecco Princess£2.00
73 Friends are tied together with heart strings £2.00
63 Prosecco time £2.00
74 Man Cave £2.00
64 My superpower is I make prosecco disappear £2.00
75 Happy wife, happy life £2.00
65 Time to drink prosecco and dance on the table £2.00
66 Always my Grandma, forever my friend £2.00
88 Born free, taxed to death £2.00
67 Grandma's Kitchen£2.00
78 My husband said he would leave if I keep shopping.. £2.00
60 Prosecco is the answer, who cares what the question is £2.00


This listing is for plaque number 60 up to number 90! For higher numbered plaques please see next listing. 
Plaques number 76 onwards are BRAND NEW designs - just added! 

These plaques are available as a 'spinner package' of 560 + 120 heart plaques, please see listing for package for more details.