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Large, decorative, antique Venetian mirror

£3,700.00 Approx $4683.54, €4124.86

Code: 4989


H: 172cm (67.7")W: 109cm (42.9")

Very large, decorative, antique, rectangular, Venetian margin mirror with outset corners and oval central glass.  Both the outer and inner frames are decorated with scallop cut edges and have a central bubble design. Each corner between the frames has a triangle of etched flowers and leaves and all the joins in the frame are secured with glass leaves or flowers. The mirror is topped with a high cartouche of acanthus leaves with a central oval and the cartouche flows down over the upper corners with more glass leaves and flowers. The original, central glass is bevelled and there is just a little, light age in this glass and in parts of the frame. When we adjusted one of the corner pieces of the mirror we found a French newspaper dated January 1887 which almost certainly ties in with the period when this mirror was made.